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Chat-Transkript: Gino Acevedo

; Quelle: HDRF

Niemand geringeres als Weta-Chef-Maskenbildner Gino Acevedo stand den Fans heute in unserem Chat etwa eine Stunde Rede und Antwort. Dabei plauderte er so einiges aus dem Nähkästchen und verriet sogar einige Neuigkeiten zum HOBBIT.

Weta berichtet hier über den Chat.


[20:36] * GinoAcevedo (GinoAceved@ XXXXXX wetafx.co.nz) has joined #event

[20:36] <@Cirdan> WELCOME GINO ACEVEDO!!

[20:36] <@marclee> Nevermind.

[20:36] <Eolise> Welcome Gino!

[20:36] <Tiwi> Good Morning Gino, welcome, welcome :-)

[20:36] <tripple_mmm> hi

[20:36] <Faineth> heyyy

[20:37] <@GinoAcevedo> Hi everyone, are we in?

[20:37] <@marclee> Ladies and Gent: GINO!!!!

[20:37] <Thingol_> Hello!!!

[20:37] <akildare> hi Gino

[20:37] <Sidhiel> Hi Gino :)

[20:37] <@GinoAcevedo> Goodmorning everyone and hello from Middle Earth!

[20:37] <Maze> newzealandish XD

[20:37] <@marclee> Thank you for coming Gino.

[20:37] <@TomDyja69> ;)

[20:37] <Eolise> Thnks!

[20:37] <@TomDyja69> Finally

[20:37] <@marclee> Allow Tom to explain how this works.

[20:37] <Maze> thanks!

[20:37] <@TomDyja69> Welcome to our lovely Chat

[20:37] <Faineth> thank you so much

[20:37] <@GinoAcevedo> Sorry we were delayed we were caught up in a meeting.

[20:37] <_Oscar_> Hallo, nice to meet you!

[20:37] <@TomDyja69> Big hand for Gino Acevado guys! make him feel home

[20:38] <@marclee> Tom? Expalin to Gino how this works please.

[20:38] <@Cirdan> clap clap clap clap clap

[20:38] <@TomDyja69> Works easily

[20:39] <@marclee> Gino..tell us what is going on with you now and then we'll open the floor for questions.

[20:39] <@TomDyja69> :) Tell our people a bit about you, your current work...and afterwards we'll give them the chance to ask you some questions

[20:39] <LordDenethor> Hi Gino

[20:39] <@GinoAcevedo> At the moment I am busy working at Digital on James Camerson's Avatar, and about to do a little bit of make up work on Peter Jackson's new film the Lovely Bones, and in my spare time while I try to sleep I am thinking about The Hobbit.

[20:40] <@marclee> Have the first question typed folks. When we call on you, cut and paste it in.

[20:40] <@TomDyja69> as long as gino introduces himself you can already start to tyoe your "!" for questions

[20:40] <Eolise> !

[20:40] <@GinoAcevedo> Hi Eolise

[20:40] <Eolise> Hi Gino, I have a question from a friend

[20:40] <Eolise> Wherefrom came the idea for the orc generals appearance from, his "silverback" and all?

[20:40] <@GinoAcevedo> OK, hit me with it

[20:41] <@GinoAcevedo> If you are talking about the design of the new Orcs in film 3, Peter wanted something totally different from the other films so we decided to make the Orcs a bit older looking with a lot of silver grey hair to age them up a bit.

[20:41] <@TomDyja69> who else got some questions?

[20:41] <Eolise> Okay, thank you

[20:42] <akildare> !

[20:42] <@Cirdan> !

[20:42] <@TomDyja69> akildare netx

[20:42] <Eolise> !

[20:42] <@TomDyja69> next

[20:42] <akildare> Hi Gino, what was the hardes Job on Lord of the Ring and are there any preperation going on for the Hobbit.

[20:43] <@GinoAcevedo> Probably the hardest job was Gimli and the old age Bilbo. These were very challenging make ups. At this point there has only been some conversations about it and in my spare time I am just trying to come up with some designs for all the dwarves.

[20:43] <@TomDyja69> Cirdan next

[20:43] <@Cirdan> what creature in the Hobbit are you looking forward to most?

[20:44] <@GinoAcevedo> Smaug of course! And the dwarves and the spiders. There are so many it is going to be quite a challenge but I'm really looking forward to it.

[20:44] <@TomDyja69> Eolise next

[20:44] <Eolise> Those questions from my friend of the US are not really going about your job, not really only your issues but we hope you can answer them:

[20:44] <Ithuriel> !

[20:45] <Yggdra_Sil> !

[20:45] <Eolise> Who designed the arches on the tops of the rohan buildings; the two horses facing another in the rough shape of a heart, as the sword of theoden, as the "ridges" on it and the heart shaped hilt, like the horses on the buildings?

[20:46] <@GinoAcevedo> I believe that was one of our designers by the name of Shaun Bolten.

[20:46] <@TomDyja69> Gino, I got a question myself...can you give us a little inside look on AVATAR?

[20:46] <Eolise> Hmm, thank you!

[20:46] <@GinoAcevedo> Only if you want me to lose my job :)

[20:47] <@TomDyja69> lol

[20:47] <@TomDyja69> Claudia next

[20:47] <Ithuriel> If you are already thinking about the hobbit, do you think about changing the design much in comparison to LOTR or will you try and stay as close as possible to the design of the M-E we all know?

[20:47] <Faineth> !

[20:47] <@GinoAcevedo> I think it will be very much related, except of course it will be a younger world.

[20:47] <@TomDyja69> Yggdra_Sil next

[20:47] <Yggdra_Sil> Which movie(s) from the last 80 ... years are your favourites - which ones inspiries you?

[20:48] <Eolise> !

[20:48] <@GinoAcevedo> Lets see ... Standby Me is one of my favourites, The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, Blade Runner ... the list could go on forever but these are some of my top faves.

[20:48] <@TomDyja69> Faineth next

[20:48] <Faineth> when will you start to work for the hobbit??

[20:49] <@GinoAcevedo> Not sure they are still working on the script, so I don't really know sorry.

[20:49] <Faineth> ok thanks

[20:49] <@TomDyja69> Gina, looks like you are a Stephen King Fan. What about making movies about the dark tower?

[20:50] <@GinoAcevedo> Um, don't know much about that story I'm afraid.

[20:50] <@TomDyja69> Go and read it ;)

[20:50] <@TomDyja69> Eolise next

[20:50] <@GinoAcevedo> Will do - thanks

[20:50] <@marclee> !

[20:50] <@GinoAcevedo> Hi Marc

[20:50] <tripple_mmm> !

[20:51] <Eolise> Okay, one question from me, when working on the character Gimli, I am sureyou had times that you had to do something but in your head you wanted to do it another way...

[20:51] <Ithuriel> !

[20:52] <Eolise> Were you able to put in your own opinions as well and how did you work it out thereafter? Do you have had such a situation?

[20:52] <Eolise> You can tell us?

[20:52] <@GinoAcevedo> Gimli was a real challenge to do as far as make up because we were experimenting with new materials like the silicon as we went along we found different techniques that were working better than some of the first techniques that we were using. Since then we have come up with even better techniques of materials and adhesives that we use now.

[20:52] <@TomDyja69> Anon0103 = marc

[20:53] <@TomDyja69> Marc next question

[20:53] <Eolise> Hmm, okay thanks again

[20:53] <marclee> How many awards do you hold and how is your relationship with Richard and Peter?

[20:53] <@GinoAcevedo> Peter really gave us a lot of leeway on the designs, he knew what he wanted but luckily we all thought on the same level, so at the end of the day we were all happy with what Peter had approved bec it was all what we wanted too.

[20:53] <Yggdra_Sil> !

[20:54] <Anon0103> thx

[20:54] <@TomDyja69> tripple mmm next

[20:54] <@GinoAcevedo> Well, lets see, those guys are a bunch of slackers LOL! Ha ha ha ha. They are great guys and I am very lucky to have them as work mates and friends. And as far as awards I share the Oscars with everyone here at Weta Workshop and I have also won two of the make up guild awards from LA for best make up.

[20:54] <tripple_mmm> hi, gino. can you tell us a little bit about your previous work, like on men in black?

[20:55] <@Cirdan> !

[20:55] <@GinoAcevedo> I loved working on MIB, not just bec of the film but bec of working with one of my biggest heroes, Rick Baker. I remember Rick introducing me to the director and Rick was trying to talk him into letting me play one of the aliens bec of my size LOL!

[20:56] <@TomDyja69> claudia next

[20:56] <Ithuriel> You like Blade Runner... which end do you prefer? The one in the theatrical edition or the one in the directors cut?

[20:56] <tripple_mmm> thanks

[20:56] <Eolise> !

[20:56] <@Cirdan> !

[20:56] <@GinoAcevedo> I like the theatrical edition of Blade Runner. And I am looking forward to seeing the new re-release .... have you seen it?

[20:57] <marclee> Saw it in LA Gino.

[20:57] <@TomDyja69> nice dvd box the rerelease !! hope they show it once in theatres

[20:57] <Ithuriel> well it is different and the end is not so "hollywood like " happy end. You will like it. :)

[20:57] <@GinoAcevedo> Can't wait!

[20:57] <@TomDyja69> Yggdra next+

[20:57] <Yggdra_Sil> Is there any ideal/anetype for you in your work - some ... stage designer or make-up artist or painter or florist (whatever)?

[20:58] <@GinoAcevedo> I'm sorry I don't understand the Q?

[20:58] <Yggdra_Sil> i will try it later (search for words)

[20:58] <@marclee> Try again Sil.

[20:58] <@marclee> lol

[20:58] <@TomDyja69> cirdan next

[20:58] <@Cirdan> It seems pretty shure that Guillermo del toro will direct the HOBBIT. Have you ever worked with him/met him?

[20:59] <Yggdra_Sil> !

[20:59] <@GinoAcevedo> I have never worked with him before but have always wanted to. My friends back in LA have worked with him on his other films and I have met him and he knows of me through my friends and also because I do a lot of airbrushing, which he really loves.

[20:59] <@marclee> !

[21:00] <@TomDyja69> Eolise next

[21:00] <Eolise> My friend asks: ask about the orc generals color and his appearance, also his sidekick

[21:01] <Eolise> !

[21:01] <@GinoAcevedo> If you are referring to the Orc General that we called Slash Face he was the one that had the skull on top of his helmet and his sidekick played by Sala Baker was an interesting make up design. Again bec Peter wanted something totally diff from the other films, we decided to go a bit more crazy with his hair-do and his overall look, including new armour.

[21:01] <@TomDyja69> Anon0554 next

[21:01] <Anon0554> Hi Gino, I met you last year in November in Wellington, do you remember me? =) Cool to chat with you now! My question: Do you think Weta will hire new artists for the Hobbit production?

[21:02] <@marclee> :)

[21:02] <@GinoAcevedo> Am I allowed to ask your real name? And where did we meet, here at Weta or was I drunk in a bar!!!!! LOL. I couldn't say if we will hire new artists or not sorry.

[21:03] <Ithuriel> !

[21:03] <Anon0554> At Weta, I was that German student called Simon

[21:03] <@GinoAcevedo> Oh yeah, hi Simon! How's everything going?

[21:03] <@TomDyja69> Yggdra again ;)

[21:04] <Anon0554> Good! =)

[21:04] <Yggdra_Sil> (i try it again): which person do you adore because of his or her work? do have an "idol"?

[21:04] <@GinoAcevedo> I should say though if there are any budding artists out there do sign up to our online job application - as if we do start to look for new artists that will be one of the resources we go to first.

[21:04] <@marclee> Good advice.

[21:04] <Yggdra_Sil> forgot the you - sorry: do you have an "idol"?

[21:05] <@TomDyja69> This Chat ist brought to you by WETA...be a part of it ;)

[21:05] <@GinoAcevedo> I absolutely adore my daughter Ruby. She is my greatest creation without ugly teeth! I would have to say Rick Baker and Dick Smith are two of my all time biggest heroes and their insipiration has got me to where I am today.

[21:05] <@TomDyja69> Marc next

[21:05] <@marclee> What level of stress do you experience on a daily basis and are your deadlines anything like mine: "I needed it yesterday"?

[21:06] <@GinoAcevedo> They didn't need it yesterday, they needed it an hour ago! LOL.

[21:06] <@TomDyja69> My favorite chatpartner, Eolise, next...again ;)

[21:06] <Eolise> Hehe

[21:06] <@GinoAcevedo> In the film industry things can change so quickly and you really have to have your thinking cap on at all times to make sure you can get it all covered.

[21:06] <Eolise> How involved was the cast of the movie on deciding the look and feel of their characters and who designed the look of the orc general?

[21:07] <@marclee> More orc general questions? lol

[21:07] <akildare> !

[21:07] <@GinoAcevedo> They did have quite a bit of say in their appearance but they all seemed to be pretty happy with what was originally designed for them. Which Orc General are you specifically talking about?

[21:07] <Eolise> Well, yes Marc :D

[21:08] <Eolise> Errm, do someone else's question, I'll type further;)

[21:08] <@TomDyja69> Gino, my next question: how "big" is avatar compare to lotr? And yes...i typed Gino not Gina :D :D :D

[21:09] <Eolise> !

[21:09] <@marclee> Unfortunately folks, we only have 10 more minutes before Gino has to run for a meeting so get those ! in while you can.

[21:09] <@GinoAcevedo> We won't know until its finished Tom. I think Peter has more toys LOL.

[21:09] <_Oscar_> !

[21:09] <akildare> ! like that Marc

[21:09] <@TomDyja69> Claudia next...and somebody brings me peter's toys ;)

[21:09] <Ithuriel> Ray Harryhausen is called the father of F/X and was an idol for a lot of movie makers for years and still is. Had his work any influence on your work in any way?

[21:10] <Ithuriel> and I'd like to have some of those toys too. ;)

[21:10] <@GinoAcevedo> Absolutely! And he would be the next one on my list as far as idols. I grew up watching his movies and that really inspired my imagination.

[21:10] <@TomDyja69> Aki next

[21:10] <_Oscar_> What was it like to be in front of the camera during your cameo in The Return of the King?

[21:10] <akildare> You mentioned that you do a lot of airbrushing can we see anywere your airbrush works or did you airbrush only for movie projekts ?

[21:11] <_Oscar_> Sorry!

[21:11] <@marclee> Good question Aki.

[21:12] <akildare> be myself an airbrusher

[21:12] <Merenwen7> Aki does Airbrushes too !

[21:12] <Merenwen7> too late :)

[21:13] <@GinoAcevedo> In Film 1 I played one of the dwarf lords which was a lot of fun except it will be the last time that I wear my make up LOL! I think I will stay behind the paint brush from now on. In Film 3 Richard, PJ, myself and a few others played Corsair Pirates. Richard and I were loading up a giant cross bow and I remember Peter telling us that we were supposed to look very angry and menacing and as the camera came passed us I was gritting my teeth

[21:13] <@GinoAcevedo> I don't have any of my artwork online somewhere, but maybe that is a good idea, I might try to get some of my airbrushing work on the Weta homepage :)

[21:14] <@marclee> 2 minute warning folks.

[21:14] <akildare> thanks

[21:14] <Eolise> To continue on my question 'who designed the look of the orc general?' I meant: The top one; he is the leader of the attack on minas tirith the silverback

[21:14] <Eolise> oops :$

[21:14] <@TomDyja69> Who else than lovely Eolise could be next ;) and last :)

[21:15] <Eolise> I had to continue my question yet;)

[21:15] <@GinoAcevedo> Eolise, is it the one that looks like the elephant man that was riding on the Warg

[21:15] <Eolise> Yes:)

[21:15] <Eolise> Gothmog

[21:15] <Ithuriel> Gothmog?

[21:15] <Schildmaid_Eowyn> !

[21:16] <@GinoAcevedo> Oh Gothmog! This was a very strange design and this was all Peter Jackson. Bill Hunt did the sculpting and Peter would come in and art direct Bill and he would always tell Bill "more blobs, more blobs, more blobs". So we think Peter must have recently seen the elephant man and wanted him to come to life again.

[21:16] <@TomDyja69> And the last question goes to Schildmaid Eowyn

[21:16] <Schildmaid_Eowyn> Is there any chance to see you at RingCon one day?

[21:17] <Eolise> Hehe, okay thnks!

[21:17] <@GinoAcevedo> Yes every chance :)

[21:17] <@TomDyja69> Perfect final question ;)

[21:17] <@marclee> On behalf of Fedcon GmbH, Ringcon, Herr de Ringe forum group, Stefan Servos and all the German fans who speak better German than this yank, we thank you Gino for taking the time to relate to those who admire you and your work. we hope that your schedule will free up to attend the best convention in relation to LOTR in the world.

[21:17] <@marclee> We really enjoyed this, right folks?!!

[21:17] <Anon0554> yep

[21:17] <akildare> yes

[21:17] <Eolise> Uhuh, thanks you very much for taking time to speak with us! I hope you will continue your work as long as can be!

[21:17] <Merenwen7> Yes !!

[21:17] <Pibo> yay

[21:17] <@GinoAcevedo> Thank you very much for inviting me to your chat and I will look forward to meeting all of you in person some day and I will also look forward to trying some of your German bier!

[21:17] <Yggdra_Sil> Thank you a lot for sharing some time with us and for your patience

[21:17] <tripple_mmm> yes, thanks again

[21:17] <Sidhiel> *Applaude*

[21:18] <Tiwi> Thank you very much Gino, it was a pleasure. See you at RingCon sometimes :-)

[21:18] <Anon0554> see you gino!

[21:18] <@TomDyja69> And for myself: Thank you to all the fans, the great questions and the fantastic discipline in that chat! Hope you all had fun and give Gino a great onlinechat farewell

[21:18] <Ithuriel> thank you for your time. it was a pleasure to meet you.

[21:18] <@GinoAcevedo> Goodbye everyone! Take care!