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Robyn Malcolm and the Featherstone Set

; Quelle: TolGalen

SHORTLAND STREET Star Robyn Malcolm hat eine kleine Rolle im HERRN DER RINGE bekommen.

There's a few questions going around at the moment, like who's Robyn Malcolm playing and before everyone starts firing around their ideas of what is being shot near Featherston I thought I would try and find out what the story is. So I sent an e-mail off to a friend who knows someone who knows someone, you know how it is, we have to get our info anyway we can and if I don't know who I'm getting it from I can't get anyone in to trouble.

Anyway enough of that, here's what I've found out. Robyn Malcolm is playing a Rohan refugee at Helm's Deep called Morwen, I've just started rereading the book at the moment and I don't know anything about this character, so if someone can fill in some blanks that would be good.

As for what they have been shooting outside of Featherston, it was scenes of The Fellowship and Galadriel at the Silverlode River Bank, when she gives Frodo the Phial, Sam the elven rope etc., and they leave in boats to continue their journey. That would be chapter 13 in the book, Farewell to Lorien.

Well I hope this helps everyone and if you have any more info that might help out let me know.

I've already had some mail about who Morwen is, well she's not a Lord of the Rings character as far as I know, and I've had no reports saying she is, but it is a Tolkien name. I got this email from Matt, here a bit of what he had to say

"...isn't a character in LOTR. She's obviously a ficticious creation of PJ and gang. There is a Morwen Eledhwen in Tolkien's works, but she is from the First Age of Middle-earth."

So after that I had a quick look in the back of the Silmarillion to see what it said

Morwen, Daughter of Baragund (nephew of Barahir, the father of Beren); wife of Hurin and mother of Turin and Nienor; called Eledhwen (translated in the text as 'Elfsheen') and the Lady of Dor-lomin.

Well if this is where the name does come from I think it's great that Peter has used names that belong in Middle Earth.


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