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Report From the Set!

; Quelle: Ringbearer

'Xtem' and the Wellington Ring Squad have got the info!

Xtem's Night Out

The call came through at 11pm, and basically stated that filming was currently underway at the "Bree"/Fort Dorset location. I headed out armed with a torch and camera. Parking my car by the beach, I proceeded to run along the uneaven pathway, battered constantly by gusty winds that threatened to upset my balance. Anyway, blah blah blah, getting to the top of the hill I was enthralled to be able to witness a night (almost midnight) shoot. This consisted of 4 huge spot-lights which not only lit up the set, but also the sky and surrounding 3-4 blocks of residential housing. These were held up by the huge "Titan" style cranes

. Anyway, down to the gory details, there were at least 2 security guards patroling the front gate, 1 of which had a bike in which to patrol the area. There were cars everywhere (including one which I recognised from the Mt. Vic shoot), and at least 7 huge moving style size trucks.

As I sat and observed, my heart took a jump as I zeroed in on 4 objects in one corner of the set. 4 men, in black cloaks, hooded and abreast 4 horses. I was seeing for the first time in REAL LIFE, the nazgul. And they were truly scary. 3 of the horses were darker colored, brown and black, the other a lighter color of gray, possibly even white. As I sat and waited, breathlessly sometimes, I could hear distant murmurs of voices, and then, as I watched astounded, someone clearly yelled "Action!" and it was all on! The riders rushed forward in a gallop, around a large tree (which hadn't been there 2 days earlier), and disappeared into the alleyway of the set. Seconds later I noticed dwarfish figures emerging from dark corners of the set, and they too disappeared, somewhat in a "cautious" manner, down into the alleyway. I realised that I had just witnessed the shooting of the scene where the 4 nazgul riders storm out of Bree, which means that actor Elijah Wood most likely wouldn't have been on the set this night.

If I haven't been excited so far, I was now!

Huge thanks to 'Xtem' and 'W.R.S' for keeping an eye on PJ for all of us!


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