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Peter Jackson spricht über den HdR

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Peter Jacksons Produktionsfirma WingNut Films hat dem Neuseeländischen Fernsehen eine Film Unit abgekauft. Zu diesem Anlass hat Peter Jackson vor laufenden Kameras auch einige Bermerkungen zum Herrn der Ringe gemacht. Peinlicher Zwischenfall: Peter Jackson erzählte, dass er gerade eine Szene gedreht hätte, in der Gandalf dem Magier Sauron (?!) erzählt, dass der Ring in Mordor zerstört werden muss...

A Few Words from Jackson

Movie director Peter Jackson has made a rare public appearance to promote new hi-tech facilities at a film studio in Lower Hutt. But he could not escape questions on progress in filming The Lord of the Rings.

Jackson held the launch at the Film Studio, formerly the National Film Unit, which his company WingNut Films bought from Television New Zealand.

Guests included Prime Minister Helen Clark, Speaker Jonathan Hunt, Hutt City Mayor John Terris, and film industry representatives, including director Vincent Ward.

None of the film's stars, including Sir Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood, or Christopher Lee attended the launch.

Jackson told guests he had a reason for not preparing a speech.

"Spending all day with Gandalf telling Sauron the ring must be destroyed ... over and over again. My head's in a different space at the moment.

"It's always very exciting, it's a very famous book. It's a privilege to be involved in Lord of the Rings. You wake up every morning and plan to do that (film the book). It's like a large military operation."

He had recently been checking areas around Mount Ruapehu and confirmed it may be used as the location for Mordor -- a place in the novel which includes the volcano Mount Doom.

"It's a strong possibility."

At the heart of the hi-tech facility at The Film Unit is a machine called a Y-front telecine. The machine copies film on to a digital format for editing and special effects.

Quelle: The Press

None other than the hobbit maker himself Peter Jackson

I was watching TV tonight and what was coming up on the late news came up and there was going to be something about Peter on it, so I thought I better watch it.

It was about Peter buying the film unit mostly but the Prime Minister had a bit to say about The Lord of the Rings and then Peter had the following to say.

"Um, I'm afraid I haven't got a speech prepared tonight because I've been spending all day having Gandalf tell Sauron that the ring must be taken to Mordor and destroyed."

Well a bit of a slip on Peters part, Sauron, Saruman, they both start with S's, and he didn't have the speech prepared. That's was about all that was interest really, a bit more about other things and a comment that the post production work would almost certainly be done here in New Zealand.

7th February 2000

Quelle: TV3 News & Tol Galen

Peter Jackson on Local NZ Television

Nimloth checks in with some cool stuff spotted on NZ TV!

Hi Joram, keeping you informed...I saw this on the TV3 news late last

night, Feb 7th.

Peter Jackson has purchased a Mirrimar(Wellington) soundroom capable of mixing Dolby Stereo sound louder than any NZ Cinema can currently play. He said, yesterday, that there had been rumours of the soundroom being shifted to Australia, leaving NZ without any post-production facilitiesfor the kind of films he likes to make.

The announcement was made at a `Pool-party` held in Wellington, and was attended by `Angels` in costume, and also the NZ Prime Minister, Helen Clark, who praised Peter Jackson in her speech, for his loyalty and commitment to the NZ Film industry.

Peter made comment in his reply that he hadn`t had time to prepare a speech because he had been busy organising Gandalf and the Ring to go south to Sauron, to be destroyed.

I hope this is new news for you!(Also, at the party was a young lady, (back to camera) who was dressed much like `Arwen` is as seen in the post-prod-painting of Arwen and Aragorn on that bridge beside waterfall. Liv Tyler? Who knows!)



Quelle: Ringbearer


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