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News from the Set

; Quelle: Ringbearer

I received an email from a source close to the production in NZ, here`s the word on Tim Sanders.

A few have left over the break. Tim Sanders left on what appears to be good terms. There is a rumor he left because of the tight situation with spending. He won`t be replaced.

Sounds like PJ is trying to squeeze every penny till it screams! But with the fabulous set designs we`ve seen, I think we know where all that money is heading towards. Speaking of sets, here`s the word on Helm`s Deep:

We are at the Helms Deep set for the next nine weeks shooting nights. Very wet for the Uruk-hai and Elves. Very spectacular costuming for the Uruk-hai, evem close up.

I`ve heard various other reports on the costumes, with nothing but rave reviews of the attention to detail and unique-ness of each one.

Lastly, a word on how Peter Jackson is going to try to make this the "hardest" PG-13 film it can be:

I`m told the Uruk-hai have black blood to help with the film rating. If they use too much red blood in the film the classification is more harsh. Black blood gets around that part of the censorship.

Thanks so much to "In The Know"! Some great tidbits to mull over while we wait for some cool casting news!


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