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In dem folgenden Artikel vom 22.9. ist wirklich nichts so richtig wahr: Also Elijah Wood ist kein Gerücht mehr, sondern befindet sich bereits in den Vorbereitungen, Weder Warwick Davis noch Timothy Spall spielen Gimli, sondern John Rhys-Davies. Drehbeginn ist am 11. Oktober und der halbe Film soll in hobbitisch gesprochen sein.

Heavenly Creatures director attempts to film Tolkien's epic

Casting news has filtered through on Peter Jackson’s much-anticipated take on J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings saga, which is set to start shooting before the end of the year. It is rumoured that Faculty star Elijah Wood has been offered the part of Frodo in all three movies, which have an estimated cost of $150 million each. Rather more surprising is the news that Willow star and professional Ewok Warwick Davis has said he went for the part of Gimli, but it was given instead to Mike Leigh regular Timothy Spall.The project is being kept tightly under wraps, but fan sites are still predicting an appearance by paparazzi-lover Sean Connery as Gandalf and more interestingly, that the films will be spoken half in English and half in Hobbitese.

(Quelle: Empire-Online )

Beren von Tolgalen berichtet von einem Gerücht, das besagt, daß die Muttonbirds in den Soundtrack involviert werden sollen...

LOTR soundtrack rumor

Just got this sent to me, I don't know who sent it. There was no name attached all I can tell you is that it was from someone in Auckland. Well this is what it said

"Rumor in NZ music industry is that the soundtrack for The Lord of the Rings will be done by The Muttonbirds (www.muttonbirds.com). These people did the Frighteners with Peter Jackson in N.Z., and they have done other works such as An Angel At My Table, said to be a major influence on Peter"

To tell the truth I am hoping is is not true, wrong type of music for the movie by far. And I don't think Peter would use this type anyway.

(Quelle: Tol Galen )

Xoanon von TheOneRing.net hat folgendes Gerücht aufgeschnappt, welches berichtet, daß Sean Connery sich am Filmset rumtrieb, da er der Sprecher der Trilogie sein wird. Normalerweise ist es aber seltsam, daß sich ein Sprecher am Set aufhält, da er nur an der Post-Produktion beteiligt ist...

Connery: Narrator?

"My wifes boss was on the set on Tuesday night. The set is not ready for filming to begin, so they are starting the shoot in the south Island. While she was on the set she met Sean Connery, who is apparently the narrator. he is leaving new zealand today. The set location is being kept secret and all road signs in the area have been removed so people cant find the place. thats about all I have for now.
When I asked if he was sure it was Connery:
Thats what my wifes boss told us. They/he/she met him and had quiet a conversation with him. "
(Quelle: TheOneRing.net )


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