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LOTR Ankündigung

; Quelle: Ringbearer

Joram von Ringbearer hat heute diese mail bekommen, ich habe die als zwei eingescannten JPGs zusammengefügt zu einem.

Hey Joram,

In today's issues of the trade papers Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, New Line Cinema took out the traditional two-page color ad to announce that principal photography on the trilogy has begun. As the ad says, "The Journey Begins...". Very cool!

Anyway, I've scanned the ad as two jpegs (one for each page). This reminds me of how excited I was when the start of shooting announcement for "Jurassic Park" was in the trades. Pity the finished movie was notable only for it's groundbreaking dinos. I'm sure that Jackson's "LOTR" will succeed on many more levels than merely having groovy visuals.



Thanks to 'James', New Line Cinema, The Hollywood Reporter, and Variety!


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