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Interview mit Elijah Wood

; Quelle: Ringbearer

In the most recent issue of _Interview_, October 1999, Brooke Shields interviews Elijah Wood. Here's the pertinent part...

Brooke: So next you're doing Lord of the Rings. Have you read the trilogy by JRR Tolkien?

Elijah: No, but I did read the Hobbit.

B: Did they suggest you read all three books?

E: It wasn't necessary, although I believe they were under the impression that I have read all three. But I don't think it really matters. The scripts are brilliant, and they've kept the tone of Tolkien's writing, which is wonderful.

B: How would you describe a Hobbit?

E: A hobbit is a very short, amusing character. They don't wear shoes. They have hairy feet and pointy little ears. My character, Frodo Baggins, has a wry sense of humor.

B: You were perfectly typecast.

E: [laughs] How perceptive!

B: I did kiss you, remember? I was given these Tolkien stories when I was a child. They should be required reading of an older age, just because of the lessons in them.

E: Oh, definitly. The stories reveal the darkness of the human spirit, and where they can go, as well as the extreme light.

B: You'll be shooting in New Zealand, right? Will you be there a long time?

E: 14 months, because we're doing three movies. It's going to be an adventure, a real journey. And I think I'll be a different person when I come back, as a person and an actor, and I look forward to that.

I hope you can use at least some of this!

Yep definitely used! Thanks to 'A.' for the tip!


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