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Elijah Wood - The Lord of the Rings

; Quelle: Weekender

Rising star Elijah Wood plays the lead role of Frodo Baggins in the eagerly awaited live-action film trilogy.

Director Peter Jackson's decision to cast real actors and digitally shrink them seems to have allayed fans' worst fears for the trilogy. The casting of Wood as the hero of the trilogy met with mixed reactions online.

Of choosing Wood to play the leisure-loving hobbit drawn against his will into the epic adventure, Jackson told The Hollywood Reporter, "We knew we had to find an actor of great depth of range to take an audience on a journey through three movies. It was clear from the moment that we met Elijah that we had found Frodo Baggins. He has an enormous natural ability to draw an audience into a story and the dramatic depth to hold them there."

Ain't It Cool News leaked the rumors of Wood's casting on May 4, and Tolkien fans immediately began weighing in. Reaction was mostly positive, with even those unfamiliar with the young actor trusting Jackson's casting instincts. "Elijah Wood does seem to be perfect for the part," wrote one fan. Another commented, "He definitely has the look of a potential hobbit, and the strong presence and aura that we would expect Frodo to have." One dissenter called Wood "far too cute," and wrote " he lacks the gravity and strength required to pull off Frodo."

The 18-year-old Wood, last seen in Deep Impact and The Faculty, has been acting since the age of 8. His early film roles include The Adventures of Huck Finn and Flipper. Upcoming projects include Shiny New Enemies with Salma Hayek and Jeff Goldbum, and providing the voice of Tom Thumb in the animated feature The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina.

November 1999


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