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Weihnachtsferien in Mittelerde

; Quelle: TolGalen

In Neuseeland hat nun für alle Beteiligten am HdR-Film die Weihnachtspause begonnen. Liv Tyler und Elijah Wood sind zu ihren Familien in die USA zurückgeflogen und kommen erst Anfang Januar 2000 zurück. Dann wird auch Sir Ian McKellen am Set eintreffen um seinen Part als Gandalf zu übernehmen. Ich denke bis dahin werden auch kaum noch News aus Neuseeland zu uns vordringen. Hier noch einige News aus der letzten Woche, es ist unter anderem beruhigend zu hören, dass Eomers Rolle nicht vollständig durch Eowyn ersetzt wird.

gefunden bei Ringbearer:

Ryan Briggs dropped off this note concerning the makers of the club site for Lord of the Rings:

I sent an e-mail to neoplanet and this is what I got

"Thank you for contacting NeoPlanet. Unfortunately at this time we are not able to release any information regarding Lord of the Rings. Thank you for allowing me to be of assistance in this matter. NeoPlanet Support"

There have been whisperings of Eomer not being in the movie, here`s the word straight from New Line Prez Michael DeLuca (Jenny emailed him):

I e-mailed DeLuca on the subject, and he said simply:

"thanks for the kind words...and Eomer is in the movie"

Now we know - at least I was worried there for a second!

But still no word on who`s playing Eomer! I`ll keep looking.


gefunden bei Tolgalen:

Auction raises $11,000 for Central flood fund

A signed hard-back copy of The Lord of the Rings sold yesterday to an anonymous bidder for $2500, pushing the total raised at the Central Otago Flood Fund auction in Queenstown to more than $11,000.

Industry insiders said the book sold for a song.Lord of the Rings movie publicist Claire Raskind described the buy as the bargain of the century.

She preferred not to place a value on the book, signed by the movie's stars and director Peter Jackson, but industry insiders suggested it could be close to $US50,000.

Auction organiser Steve Wilde said he had refused major bids from overseas, opting instead to put the book under the hammer at Queenstown.The auction was further boosted yesterday by the appearance and wallets of stars from the movie, The Vertical Limit. Lead actor Chris O'Donnell took the stage with Kiwi star Temuera Morrison and Australian actor Steve LeMarquand.

Afterwards O'Donnell bid against Morrison to buy the first auction item, a film crew issue cap from The Vertical Limit.

Morrison then took over as auctioneer, forcing up O'Donnell's bid for a poster from Morrison's movie What Becomes of the Broken Hearted. O'Donnell got the poster for $150. Morrison then bid on an All Black poster, which he bought for $200.

The second biggest item snapped up at the auction was the The Vertical Limit director's chair, signed by cast and crew, which went to a special effects crew member for $650.

Queenstown Lakes District deputy mayor Simon Hayes went home with a camping table and two Vertical Limit authentic Nepalese stools, while Mayor Warren Cooper bought a What Now jacket, not quite his size.

Even television presenter Paul Holmes' garish lime green tie sold for $140.

Some great bargains were also had.

"The money raised was way beyond our expectation," Mr Wilde said.

13th December 1999

Southland Times


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