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NZ News-Article

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Von Beren aus Neuseeland habe ich diese beiden Artikel bekommen:

Watch for Ring lead actors in Queenstown next month

by Meaghan Miller QUEENSTOWN - Several of the principal actors from Peter Jackson´s trilogy Lord of the Rings would be filming in Queenstown, publicist Claire Raskind said. Filming began on the $360 million epic in Wellington on monday. Ms Raskind said most of the stars were already in Wellington and had been there well before the final cast list was announced on Friday night. Filming was scheduled to begin in Queenstown next month but Ms Raskind said no dates would be confirmed as to when, or who, would be filming in the resort. The confirmed lead actors include Cate Blanchett as Galadriel, Liv Tyler as Arwen, Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf, Elijah Wood as Bilbo Baggins. "Several principal actors will be going to Queenstown. We can´t disclose dates for security reasons," she said. Queenstown people would just have to keep an eye out fors stars in clubs or cafes, she said. Extras from the area would be working closely with the stars. Meanwhile, security remined tight on the set being constructed at Paradise, near Glenorchy. Glenorchy residents said anyone allowed on to the set must sign a confidentiality agreement. No children were allowed on the set. One resident said a site visit required being stopped and checked by four different people. The set was being constructed away from the road on the property in an area known as the Garden of Eden. Residents said filming would take place at Paradise next month before filming moved to the next site, near Tarras. Paradise trustee Tom Pryde, of Invercargill, said he was not at liberty to comment about any filming at the Paradise property.

Hobbits and elves crowd the footpath

WELLINGTON - As filming for the Lord of the Rings trilogy began in Wellington´s town belt on Mt Victoria on Monday some early morning strollers complained of not having quite the freedom of passage they were used to. One woman also complained of tree branches being cut as the film crews moved in with port-a-loungesm port-a-loos and tents being erected "as if for a circus". Most, however, were happy to slighly deviate where necessary along the walkway still available. Film publicist Claire Raskind said she was not aware of any... Wellington City Council spokesman Richard MacLean appealed for people to be patient, especially with the track area filming scheduled to last for only about five days. "We would hope that people would realise this is a very big deal," Mr MacLean said. " If we do this right there is every chance of more film work for Wellington. If a security guard asks someone not to interrupt filming, I would hope they would understand." Of the complaint about trees being damaged, he said the pines and macrocarpa in the area were not protected and were not expected to be badly affected. Ms Raskind said about 140 crew were involved, filming a scene with hobbits walking through the woods, including one of the film´s stars Elijah Wood, who play the hobbit Frodo. Peter Jackson´s $360 million movie will feature two knights, a number of Golden Globe winners, a host of Academy Award nominees, a Hollywood sweetherat plus a bunch of relative unknowns. Australian Cate Blanchett, who won a Best Actress Golden Globe for Elizabeth, will play Galadriel, elf queen of Lorien, while Hollywood golden girl Liv Tyler - who has starred in...