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Gandalf's Two Exploding Trees

; Quelle: Scoop

Scoop bestätigte wieder einmal ein Gerücht und belegt es mit Bildern. Es werden Bäume für eine Kampfszene präperiert. Das einzige, was mich an den Fotos stört ist der gemähte Rasen, den es wohl außer in einem Vorgarten in Hobbingen nirgendwo in Mittelerde gab.

Gandalf’s Exploding Tree

Responding to the hints of a couple of US Lord of The Rings websites – http://www.lordoftheringsmovie.com/ and http://www.theonering.net/ - Scoop earlier this week informed its star Hobbit paparazzi of a reported sighting of Gandalf’s exploding trees in Upper Hutt.

This morning a package arrived back in the mail, and Scoop can reveal today that the information was correct. An Upper Hutt Park is indeed the site of magical goings on.

In the park two trees appear to be being prepared for Gandalf’s magical prowess to be demonstrated in all its glory. Two trees have been loaded onto giant hinges. Branches have been stripped from the trees and appear to be being prepared for reassembly. Scoop can only guess but we suspect that the trees are being prepared to explode when struck by lightning.

The US based LOTR websites have speculated that the trees will be used to film the “weathertops” scene.

So without further ado…. Scoop presents….


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