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SFX Director Tells All (well some anyway)

; Quelle: Weekender

The Lord of the Rings special effects director, Alex Funke, speaking at the Screen Producers and Director’s Association conference in Wellington this past weekend, spoke of some of the techniques being used in the LOR production.

Funke, special effects cinematographer on blockbusters The Abyss, Waterworld, Starship Troopers and Total Recall, said Weta - the visual effects company based at the Camperdown Studios - was building and filming miniature models, some up to eight meters high. The footage would be superimposed on to live action shots. “An almost constant cloud of smoke will be used in special effect shots to give the viewers the illusion of depth.”

It is believed that the partial set built in the stone quarry on Haywards Hill (see picture above) is for the scenes involving the battle at Helm's Deep fortress.. A complete miniature set has also been constructed.