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Holm has Confidence

; Quelle: The Irish Times

Der irischen Presse erzählte Bilbo-Darsteller Ian Holm, dass er nicht sehr viel über die HdR-Produktion erzählen dürfe, aber auf jeden Fall würde dieser Film Star Wars wie ein Wochenende auf der Toilette aussehen lassen.

Ian Holm recently released his thoughts on Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films upon his return from New Zealand. Here's what The Irish Times said:

Holm, who recently returned from New Zealand after five weeks filming his role in The Lord of the Rings, is oozing with enthusiasm about Peter Jackson's big-budget film trilogy based on the Tolkien novels. "I'm not allowed to say much about it but it's going to make Star Wars look like a weekend in the lavatory," Holm says. "There are 130 special effects people and it's brilliant, absolutely brilliant."


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