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Four Questions with Sir Ian McKellen

; Quelle: Ringbearer

Joram von Ringbearer konnte vier Fragen zu einem Fandom-Interview mit Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) durchschleusen.

I had the opportunity to pass some LOTR-related questions on to Smilin` Jack Ruby for his interview with Sir Ian McKellen, luckily Sir Ian took the time to answer a few of them! I`ll let you all know when Smilin` Jack`s interview (about his earlier stage and movie days) goes online, it`s sure to be an interesting read as well! Now for the Lord of the Rings Questions:

Q: Will Arwen be at the battles of Minas Tirith?

A: Not that I know of. (Time to breathe a sigh of relief? One spy report had placed Arwen at Minas Tirith, let`s hope she stays away!

Q: How is Shadowfax treating you?

A: He is a high-standing stallion with a wild mane and I respect his strength and beauty. I just wish Gandalf used a saddle and bridle. I slipped off him inadvertently in Mordor - but no hurt done just more respect than ever.

Q: Have you done any filming with Ents?

A: Not yet (Reports indicate that filming with Ents will start later this year.)

Q: What have you heard in the way of a composer? Early indications were that Wojiech Kilar or Jamers Horner would be doing the score, has anything been decided?

A: To date the composer is not yet chosen although many of the film industry`s most illustrious names have made enquiries. It sounds as if Peter Jackson will be able to have his pick of the best. The music will need to encompass a wide range of expression and emotion. Its eventual composer will need more versatility than is usual. (This answer also confirms that there is a mile-long list of composers trying to get in on this movie. There is no problem in finding a composer, just in choosing the right one for the job. My pick? Go with James Horner and I think he`ll put forth the best score of his career.)


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