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Neue Fotos von Hobbingen

; Quelle: The Dominion

In der heutigen Ausgabe von The Dominion wurde ein neues Foto von Hobbingen veröffentlicht.

Home of the Hobbits

These are the first pictures of Hobbiton, a town for Hobbits built especially for Wellington film-maker Peter Jackson to film part of J. R. R. Tolkien´s The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

It is understood that filming at the site, at Hinuera, south of Matamata, in Waikato, will begin next month.

The cast and crew are now filming in the Queenstown area, having finished their first lot of filming in Wellington last month. Filming resumes in Wellington in mid-January.

Work on Hobbiton started in April, with the help of army engineers, who built a road and bridge to the remote farm on which the set was built.

The film has boosted the cinematic aspirations of locals, as 200 extras are needed for scenes in Waikato.

Set in the mythical world of Middle Earth, The Lord of the Rings features an epic battle by Hobbits -- creatures just over a metre tall -- and the wizard Gandalf to preserve their land from Dark Lord Sauron.


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