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Official Site News

; Quelle: Beta-Test-Site

Jocky hat mich heute darauf aufmerksam gemacht, dass ein aufmerksamer Internetbenutzer die Beta-Testversion der neuen offiziellen Seite entdeckt hat, der folgende Text stammt von Joram, der die fantastische Seite Ringbearer betreibt.

Wheels in Motion for the New Launch

Earlier today, Ted at TheOneRing.com contacted me to let me know that http://lord-of-the-rings.com also worked as a URL to the Official Site, the other URL is http://www.lordoftherings.net . I also received the following from Dave:

Hey Joram,
I was snooping around on the official LotR site and I found that if you go here:
You get forwarded to:

The lotr.neoplanet.com site is a mirror of (but not the same server as...) www.lordoftherings.net. Interesting that they have a website at NeoPlanet, especially so closely after the LOTR browser announcement - NeoPlanet is a customizeable front end to Internet Explorer. There`s a new design at this "beta" page, but the only text there is the first part of the October release announcing that filming had begun, and none of the links are working. Looks pretty

slick though.

Figured you`d find it interesting! Or not. :)


I found it very interesting! I like the look of the beta page! They have links for Questions and Answers, Intro By Peter Jackson, Coming Soon, Press Releases, LOTR Desktop, Newsletter, and Whats New. Go check out the beta site at http://lotr.neoplanet.com/beta/

UPDATE: (9. Dezember):

The Beta-Site is no longer available.

Die oben genannte Seite wurde mittlerweile von den Betreibern aus dem Netz genommen.


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