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Closeburn Set

; Quelle: Tolgalen

Secret "Rings" Set Revealed!

Misty Mountain hideaway: Mountain Scene this week snapped a secret Lord of the Rings movie set under construction on a knoll near Closeburn. About 25 people were swarming over the structure, which is under 24-hour security. Rings publicist Claire Raskin says the security is not so much a secrecy thing, but so cast and crew "can have a secure place where we can film with as little distraction as possible". Mountain Scene understands from a local real estate source the 6.7 hectare block the set is on was bought by the production company for $520,000. Not so, says Ms Rankin, although she too has heard the rumours. Meanwhile, another rumour has surfaced in Queenstown about Rings producer Peter Jackson loving the Wakatipu so much he's bought a piece of it. A block of land neighbouring the movie set was bought by one P. Jackson, another source claims. Enquiries led to Wellington lawyer Michael Stephens who, while not denying he may have been involved in the transaction, would only say: "My clients' affairs are confidential to my clients." Mr Jackson lives in Wellington.


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