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Doch nicht Bruchtal?

; Quelle: Sharon

Das kürzlich entdeckte Set ist vielleicht doch nicht Bruchtal, sondern ein Set zu dem futuristischen TV-Drama "The Tribe", obwohl ein Wachmann bestätigt hat, dass es sich um ein HdR-Set handelt.

February's "Elements", a magazine put out by the Wellington Regional Council, (in our mailbox today) reveals that the filming in Kaitoke Regional Park is "The Tribe", a futuristic TV drama for children which is filmed in Wellington, and nothing to do with LOTR at all.

Thanks Sharon!

And this is from Jonny of Realm of the Ring:

Hi Cirdan,

There is definitley a LOTR set being built at Kaitoke Regional Park. They aren't going to be filming for a while. I know that there is a set being built because I visited it about a week back and took some photos and spoke to security guard. I asked him if it was for LOTR and he said yes. They may be filming The Tribe else where in the park as the park is huge.

Thanks, Jonny

UPDATE: Mittlerweile wurde bestätigt, dass es sich tatsächlich um ein HdR-Set handelt!