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Rainbows in Rohan

; Quelle: TolGalen

Beren von TolGalen hat das Edoras-Set gesucht und gefunden. Hier sein Bericht.

Hey all, Beren here. Just back from the Edoras set that is being constructed here in Canterbury, New Zealand.

The weather was a bit iffy when I left Christchurch about 10.30 this morning, but it looked as though it would clear, and the further inland I got the less cloud there was. Things were looking good.

Well that's what I thought. To get to the new Edoras set you have to head inland from Ashburton, about 75km as the crow flies. Or from Christchurch it's about double that.

Well anyway, after coming through the Ashburton Gorge the weather was totally different, you are getting into the Southern Alps by this time and the weather can be changeable there.

I got to Lake Clearwater so I knew I was getting closer, but how far had I still to go, only time would tell. The scenery around this area is really nice and you can imagine you are in Middle Earth as you are driving along a gravel road at a very sedate 50km/m, at this speed time seems to really drag when you are wanting to be somewhere else, and it was just starting to rain by this time.

From there I had to carry on for about another 10-15 minutes and I got to the top of a bit of a hill and as you come round the bend, in the distance I could see this knob of rock with what looks like something being build on it, I was a distance away so things weren't that clear, and I was wanting to see building on it.

But guess what, this was my first view of Edoras. Now when I say 'this knob of rock', that's exactly what I mean, you are looking down into a river plateau. There are mountains all around and the Rangitata River behind it, which I suppose will be River Snowbourn.

Well I carried on down the hill, and across a bridge, I could really start making out buildings now, the excitement was growing.

As I got closer I could see some building happening on top of the hill and a little bit near the base. The hill is a bit tall to see much on the top though. Carried on a bit further and I got to the entrance road.

There's a small sign, just a bit of wood with "JAMB 3foot6" written on it, not one of these flash yellow and black ones you see elsewhere. And there is a sign beside the entrance with the usual on it, "Construction site, authorized people only" kind of thing and a big "private property" one as well.

So quickly jumped out of the car again, I've all ready taken a few pictures on the way up the road. Snap off a few frames of these thing and back into the car to carry on up the hill further to get some better shots of things. But alas, the car won't start, one of the battery thingys have vibrated loose with all the pot holes, stick that back on and up the hill I go.

As I headed up the hill I found the building supply area comes into view and the security caravan as well. Then I when over some cattle stops and I could pull over, this is not too bad an area to get a few photos. I could see about all there was to see from here and I could almost get down to the building supply area, about 50 meters from it or so.

Well all that was left to do was take some pictures of what was going on and some the the surrounding area, did that and headed for home again. It was raining lightly as I was heading back down the hill, and there was a rainbow in the sky that ended at the base of Edoras, hence the name of this article. That was my day today nothing to exciting but I thought some of you might be interested.


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