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Lord of the Rings Pix

; Quelle: IGN

Check out what your fashionably-dressed LOTR warrior will wear, plus a short glance at a dwarf.

A battalion of IGN editors hit Vegas this weekend for the big video retailer VSDA convention, as well as more than a little gambling and guzzling. We figured we'd grab some stories, some hangovers and a little roulette fever. We never figured that Steven would walk away with a wheelbarrow full of winnings, or that we could spend hours on end watching Playboy Playmate Jaime Bergman just breathing (and what a nice pair of lungs that lady has). And we never figured that New Line would have a showcase of Lord of the Rings gear at their booth. Just another reason to have that surgically-implanted camera.

Peter Jackson's going old school with the battle gear, having artisans forge real, wearable Middle Earth battle fashions -- which will hopefully shield the actors from wild swings with those real, slashable swords. Here's what you'll be seeing on the fields of glory at Christmas, 2001...