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Dezember 1999

SFX Director Tells All (well some anyway)

03.12.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: Weekender

The Lord of the Rings special effects director, Alex Funke, speaking at the Screen Producers and Director’s Association conference in Wellington this past weekend, spoke of some of the techniques being used in the LOR production. mehr über SFX Director Tells All (well some anyway)...

The George Lucas of Christchurch

01.12.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: Wallstreet Journal

In a land far, far away from Hollywood, the cameras have started to roll on one of the most ambitious movie projects ever undertaken: the filming, more than 50 years after its publication, of J.R.R. Tolkien`s classic fantasy trilogy, "Lord of the Rings." New Zealand`s verdant valleys, volcanic plateaus and snow-capped mountains are being transformed into Tolkien`s mythical kingdom of Middle-earth, where his saga of the epic struggle between good and evil unfolds. George Lucas borrowed some inspiration from "Lord of the Rings" for his "Star Wars" series; if little-known director Peter Jackson can pull this off, he may well go global with his local reputation as "the George Lucas of Christchurch." mehr über The George Lucas of Christchurch...


01.12.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: Cinema

Endlich hat die "Herr der Ringe"-Verfilmung etwas mehr Erwähnung in der deutschen Presse gefunden. In der Dezember-Ausgabe der Filmzeitschrift Cinema waren folgende Artikel. mehr über Cinema-Artikel...

"Lord of the Rings" Prod. Info

01.12.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: Cinescape

Helmer Peter Jackson and New Line big shots Robert Shaye and Michael Lynne are talking up their challenging Lord of the Rings film production. In an article in the Wall Street Journal, additional information about the production was provided as well as tidbits on further promotions for the films to come. mehr über "Lord of the Rings" Prod. Info...


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