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Juni 1999

Nur ein Foto :-)

30.06.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: Prof.Faust

Ein neues Foto von Peter Jackson. mehr über Nur ein Foto :-)...

Die Antwort auf "Stars im HdR??"

30.06.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: AICN

About that Casting Report about LORD OF THE RINGS mehr über Die Antwort auf "Stars im HdR??"...

Stars im HdR??

30.06.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: Coming Attractions

Still with us? Good 'cause we've got more. One of our scouts we sent up into the high country recently returned with some exciting news about the future video games based on the movies and the kinds of voices the programming developers should have in mind while developing the early formative stages for the game's characters. The games will be for the PC and PlaysStation gaming arenas, but the name of the computer gaming company is currently unknown - for the moment. You may commence drooling now. mehr über Stars im HdR??...

Wanted: Extras to star in film

30.06.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: TolGalen

Calling all extras. The official casting call for extras in Lord of the Rings starts this week. mehr über Wanted: Extras to star in film...

Sam Casting

28.06.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: AICN

The latest rumor I've heard about LORD OF THE RINGS in terms of casting is in regards to SAM. Now this is an incredibly hard piece of casting in that, whoever the role goes to... mehr über Sam Casting...

Casting Profiles

26.06.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: Ringbearer



THREE FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILMS mehr über Casting Profiles...

Back in the Hobbit

24.06.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: NZ Herald

Just as Star Wars is the defining myth of the technological age, so Lord of the Rings was central to the generation before it.
Both are epics on the scale of the Odyssey or Beowulf, sharing the same combination of narrative force and spiritual grandeur. Darth Vader is merely the Dark Lord wielding a light-sabre. mehr über Back in the Hobbit...

Der Schwertmeister

23.06.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: Corona

"I was at an event called the Sword Spectacular Weekend, and one of the guests was supposed to be Bob Anderson..the swordmaster who has done swordwork for Star Wars, The Three Muskateers, The Princess Bride, and most recently The Mask of Zorro. mehr über Der Schwertmeister...

Faramir Casting Rumour

23.06.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: Ringbearer

Es scheint unter den Babylon 5 - Fans auch viele Tolkien Fans zu geben, sonst würden sie ihre Schauspieler nicht so gerne in den HdR-Rollen sehen. mehr über Faramir Casting Rumour...

Connery Rings off, Reeves interested

21.06.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: TolGalen

Sean Connery is no longer interested, but at least one Hollywood hunk might be coming down under to star in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movie. mehr über Connery Rings off, Reeves interested...


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