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September 1999

Scoop Latest Words On LotR-Filming

17.09.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: Scoop

Scoop understands that some filming for the massive trilogy The Lord Of The Rings is to take place in the countryside West of Masterton. mehr über Scoop Latest Words On LotR-Filming...

Hey guys, how's the weather down there?

17.09.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: Suite101

As I write this a growing number of the actors and extras are in New Zealand getting ready for primary photography on Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Some of the actors expect to be there for 18 months. I sort of wonder how many group photos will come out of this production, and if everyone will be wearing their sunblock in all of them. mehr über Hey guys, how's the weather down there?...

Hundreds Of Horses And Riders Sought For Lord of the Rings

17.09.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: Newsroom

Wingnut films is seeking hundreds of horses and riders to appear in Peter Jackson's cinema trilogy "Lord of the Rings". mehr über Hundreds Of Horses And Riders Sought For Lord of the Rings...

Lord of the Rings film-to-be generates online buzz

17.09.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: CNN

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- Shooting hasn't begun on the new film version of "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy -- the first in the series, "The Fellowship of the Ring," is slated for release in December 2000. But fans on the Internet already are swarming on the subject like orcs at a barbecue. mehr über Lord of the Rings film-to-be generates online buzz...

Sean Bean wirklich gecastet?

16.09.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: The Complete Sean Bean

Nun gut... nun muß ich mich doch allen Meldungen stellen. Nachdem ich am 9.9.99 verkündet hatte, daß Sean Bean Boromir spielt, hat sich Winona Kent von der Sean Bean Fanseite bei Beans Agent über dieses Gerücht informiert er gab ihr folgende Antwort: mehr über Sean Bean wirklich gecastet?...

Ted Sandyman Casting

15.09.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: Ringbearer

Freundlicherweise hat Joram von Ringbearer.org mir diesen Artikel von seiner Seite eingeschickt... mehr über Ted Sandyman Casting...

LotR-Casting: Faramir

15.09.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: AICN

You may have already heard this, but Ethan Hawke disclosed at the Toronto Film Festival that he will make an appearance in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. According to Mr. Thurman — who was sporting grotty fu manchu maxillofacial hair and a grotesque thrift-bought cowboy shirt — he will play Faramir, younger brother of Boromir, who by your reckoning will played by Sean Bean. mehr über LotR-Casting: Faramir...

Garn, Garn, It's an Orc's life for me!

13.09.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: Suite 101

Word has it that Michel Hurst, best known around the world as Iolaus on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys declined the opportunity to appear as an Orc in Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" movies. That's a shame. I'd have loved to see him bring the gravelly voiced wit and repartee of Charon to Middle-earth. "Hey! What are youse halflings doin' here? We got business witchoo!" Ah well, Michael's a little too busy, they say. mehr über Garn, Garn, It's an Orc's life for me!...

High hopes for giant chair in Sockburn

13.09.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: The Press

Manaia Rehu and Danny Morris are hoping their giant chair might be used in the film Lord of the Rings. Standing nearly 3m tall, the chair has been carved out of the stump of a large English garden oak from the grounds of Selwyn School. The oak had to be felled for safety reasons. mehr über High hopes for giant chair in Sockburn...

Artikel über Sean Bean

12.09.1999 von Cirdan; Quelle: Nona

Folgende e-mail habe ich von Nona bekommen mehr über Artikel über Sean Bean...


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