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Juni 2000

Wizard Knight Out

02.06.2000 von Cirdan; Quelle: The Evening Post

A big star of The Lord of the Rings made a brief public appearance in Wellington last night - but admits he's been too busy with filming to see much of the Capital. mehr über Wizard Knight Out...

16.000 Statisten gesucht

02.06.2000 von Cirdan; Quelle: Xenite

Modelpool sucht noch 16.000 Statisten und einige Pferde für die HdR-Dreharbeiten... mehr über 16.000 Statisten gesucht...

Out of the Closet with Hobbits, Elves and Wizards

01.06.2000 von Cirdan; Quelle: E!Online

STONE STREET STUDIOS, WELLINGTON--Two Harad warriors--their heads wrapped in black turbans, their faces circled by collars of six-inch spikes, their torsos covered by heavy mud-brick breastplates--have been frog-marched in front of Ngila Dickson for inspection. mehr über Out of the Closet with Hobbits, Elves and Wizards...